How do Children fit into Mediation

  • The best interests of children are regarded as central to any arrangements made about child issues
  • Parents are encouraged to put their childrens' interests at the heart of decisions they make
  • Parents are helped to think about how their children are coping with the circumstances of the family
  • The future needs of children are discussed in detail
  • The Mediator will often use "small steps" to assist in difficult or conflicted situations which need to be discussed and resolved
  • Children who want to have a direct voice into mediation can be seen by the Mediator – this is called "Direct Consultation with Children"

Direct Consultation with Children

  • Where Parents are in mediation and a child wishes to have a direct voice into mediation decisions
  • The Child attends to see the Mediator for a short time about specific issues
  • The Mediator will prepare the Parents before seeing the Child
  • The Mediator will communicate directly with the Child to check that the Child wishes to participate
  • The Child will decide what is fed back to their Parents
  • The Mediator will discuss what the Child has said (that is agreed) in a Feedback session with the Parents
  • The Parents and Mediator will discuss the impact of what the Child has said on next steps in the mediation process

Direct Consultation is always led by the Child's desire to have a direct voice into mediation

If you feel that Direct Consultation may be helpful to your family as part of the mediation process, please discuss this with your Mediator.

Separate Parenting

Your marital relationship may be ending but your parental relationship continues. As parents you may need a different pattern to take you into the future.

  • We help you to find the pattern of arrangements for the future which works for each of you and for your children
  • We help you to protect the precious relationship that children need with each of their parents
  • We recommend books, websites, strategies and principles to help you with your future parenting relationship


We offer guidance on the following issues during the mediation process:

  • The basis of divorce petition
  • Separate Parenting
  • Child Maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • The Impact of Behaviour on settlement
  • Valuation of companies
  • Financial Advisers and Mortgage Advisers
  • Legal Services
  • GDPR


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