Family Mediation for you and your family

What is mediation?

  • A process which helps those in family breakdown to reach their own decisions about all or some of the issues arising from that breakdown.
  • The issues might be about children, finance or property.
  • A mediator will help you to negotiate with your ex partner and reach good joint decisions about the future
  • The mediator will ensure that you both have time to speak, think and respond.

Who is the mediator

  • A member of at least one of the Lead Bodies represented on the Family Mediation Council.
  • Please see Regulation of Mediators

The Mediator’s role is

  • To be Impartial (not take sides)
  • To be Independent (not report to anyone else)
  • To manage the process of mediation and guide you through it
  • To provide information to help you to make informed decisions
  • To help you to focus on the issues and how they may be resolved
  • To help you both to see a pathway through to the future
  • To actively work with you to resolve issues and improve communication

The mediation process is

  • A step by step process the exchange of information at the beginning
  • Discussion and clarification of the issues to be resolved
  • plenty of time for each of you to express your views and feelings
  • Financial information is collected and exchanged (in cases involving finance and property)
  • Options for dealing with the issues are explored
  • External financial or legal advice (if appropriate), can be discussed to assist in narrowing down possible options for settlement
  • Reaching agreement, having considered all the implications
  • Final documents are drafted containing the proposals for final settlement.

How does the process start

  • The first step is an information meeting which is called a MIAM. This means a meeting for information and assessment with a mediator.
  • You can attend this either separately or together

What happens at the initial meeting?

  • You can tell the mediator the situation that brings you to mediation
  • The mediator will explain how mediation could help you
  • Yyou will be assessed financially so that charges for mediation can be confirmed.
  • You and the Mediator will decide whether mediation is suitable for you
  • The Mediator will tell you what will happen next
  • To refer - Please use our referral form
  • Further information about the MIAM


We offer guidance on the following issues during the mediation process:

  • The basis of divorce petition
  • Separate Parenting
  • Child Maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • The Impact of Behaviour on settlement
  • Valuation of companies
  • Financial Advisers and Mortgage Advisers
  • Legal Services
  • GDPR


To start mediation please complete the online referral form.



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