Useful Links

For those who are separating, divorcing or going through mediation:

General Advice

Family Mediation Helpline
Divorce Aid
Advice Now Advice Guide
HM Courts


Legal Aid Calculator
Child Maintenance Calculator
Tax Credits

Children, Parents & Grandparents:

Parentline Plus
Families Need Fathers
Gingerbread Relate
The Parent Connection
Family Lives
Sorting Out Separation
Divorce and Children
Lemons 2 Lemonade

Financial & Housing

Money Advice Service
National Debtline
Government website
Christians Against Poverty

Mediation Organisations

Family Mediation Council
College of Mediators
Family Mediators Association



Useful Books

For young children:
The Dinosaur's Divorce - Brown and Brown
Mama & Papa Bear's Divorce - Spelman & Parkinson
Was it the chocolate pudding - Sandra Levins
Two Homes - Claire Masurel
Two of Everything - Babette Cole

Middle Years:
When Mum and Dad split up - Ely
Since Dad left - Binch
The Suitcase Kid - Jacqui Wilson
It's not your fault - Stones

Teenage Years:
The Divorce Express - Danziger
Lola Rose - Jacqui Wilson
It's not the end of the world - Blume

Family Breakdown - Penelope Leach
Parenting Apart - Christina McGhee
Divorced Parenting - Goldstein
Surviving the Break up - Wallerstein and Kelly
The Co-parenting Survival Guide - Zimmerman & Thayer


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What does it cost?

Is it confidential?

What are the benefits?

Is it suitable for everyone?

How is mediation regulated?

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